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I am Martijn from the Netherlands, I have been playing guitar in several bands since my 14th. If you are a guitar player, and since you visit this page I assume you are, you know that owning one, two or three guitars is really not enough. For over ten years I have been dreaming of building my own (working) guitar. Finally in 2020 I did and… it is actually working! Building this guitar was so satisfying that I wanted more. This was the first one but it is far from the last one!

Build first NEON model
Building 7 string NEON model
introducing the Helium model
Starting company
Lets see...

One can never ever have enough guitars, no matter what people say!

Martijn Langhorst
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I have a dream.. To, one day, own a guitar building company. This is how I start.

My dream is to own a guitar building company. Providing guitar players with awesome guitars tailored exactly to their needs to ultimately drive them to create great music that will make thousands of people happy. Great music has to start somewhere.